As women, we spend hundreds of dollars on beauty products per year. But what if there was a product out there that is not only exceptionally inexpensive, but also versatile from head to toe? Well, there is.

Commonly overlooked, Vaseline is one of the most effective and cost friendly beauty products to date. Founded in 1870, this multi-purpose product serves a variety of unexpected beauty functions and has been a staple for beauty-lovers for over 140 years.

Below is a list of 12 helpful and surprisingly ingenious ways to incorporate Vaseline into your daily beauty routines:

1. Taming Hair Strands

Similarly to a hair paste or gel, the thickened texture of Vaseline makes it easy to tame individual hair strands and pieces with your fingers. Vaseline can also be used to flatten fly a ways to achieve a sleek ponytail or bun look.

2. Anti–Wrinkle Cream

Before bed, apply Vaseline to crow’s feet in order to moisturize and help increase skin’s elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Preserving your Razor

Vaseline can be used as a barrier for metal goods, including razors, to protect against the build up of rust. In between uses, swipe a thin layer of Vaseline to your dried razor blade to prevent from element rusting.

4. No Mess Manicure

At home manicures are convenient, but can sometimes be tricky. By applying Vaseline around your cuticles, you can avoid polish overflow and spillage, creating a flawless, clean manicure at home.

5. Protect from Staining

When colouring hair or touching up roots, apply a layer of Vaseline to your hairline and areas on your neck. The lubricated jelly acts as a barrier to prevent skin from staining.

6. Treat Dry, Cracked Feet

Especially in the winter, feet tend to get very dry and rough. Coat Vaseline on the bottom of your feet and cover overnight with a sock, locking in moisture for a smooth and softened result.

7. Prevent Nail Polish Lids from Drying Closed

Spread a thin layer of Vaseline around the inside of a nail polish lid, enabling caps to be easily unscrewed for next time’s use.

8. Moisturize Lashes

Help define lashes and stimulate lash growth by coating lashes with a small amount of Vaseline. The moisture-rich properties of the product promote lash thickness, while also preventing breakage.

9. Prepping Skin for Perfume

Dab a small amount of Vaseline on pulse points before spritzing on your favourite perfume to extend its longevity and maintain a fragranced scent all day.

10. Eye Make Up Remover

Easily remove even the most-persistent and waterproof makeup by applying a thin layer of Vaseline to eyelids. In one swipe, dark, smokey eyes instantly disintegrate.

11. Create A Natural Glow

When rushing out of the house, apply Vaseline as a highlighter to the brow bone, upper cheeks, and inner corners of your eye for a natural, glowy look.

12. Protect Against Chapped Lips

Protect against drastic weather changes by applying Vaseline to soften, hydrate, and moisturize dry, weathered lips.

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