A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to find myself on the receiving end of an Ole Henriksen facial. The experience was nearly transcendental—not only did I leave with supremely radiant skin, but I felt like the treatment was holistic. My aesthetician included aromatherapy and breathing exercises to make it a complete mind and body experience. 

Ole Henriksen is a brand rooted in Danish tradition. I felt so relaxed (and glowing!) that I got to wondering what Danish beauty secrets we’re missing out on. I reached out to Ole Henriksen himself to learn more about Danish beauty secrets—and how to start incorporating them into my own beauty ritual. Keep reading to learn how to start treating beauty like a Copenhagen girl.


Danish people subscribe to something called “hygge” in their everyday lives, and this also applies to the way they view beauty. Hygge is all about creating a cozy atmosphere for yourself and appreciating the world around you. Ole Henriksen, founder of his eponymous skincare brand, says that people in Denmark shape their lives around hygge by devoting themselves to wellness practices like winter bathing, saunas, and biking nearly everywhere, regardless of the weather. “We strive to embrace the Scandinavian lifestyle centered on joyful wellness with hygge-inspired self-care,” says Henriksen. This means minimalist beauty products and turning your beauty routine into a self-care ritual rather than a chore.