We’ve seen a number of nail trends this year. From nail art to blue nails and the micro nail trends that are starting to trickle in as we enter a new season, we’ve always got our eyes out for the next biggest nail trend.

As a beauty editor, I keep tabs on the best nail salons and nail technicians to see what trends might be the next big thing. We all saw how Hailey Bieber’s shimmering “glazed donut” manicure went viral on Instagram and TikTok, and while the trend is still going strong, I’m already anticipating the next nail trends that we’ll all be running to our local salons to book in for. After scrolling for a while, there is one trend that I’m starting to see everywhere. I can bet that it is set to make a huge comeback.

The trend? Pink ombré nails. It might not be the boldest or newest of nail techniques, but I’m consistently seeing this look trickle into my Instagram and TikTok feeds—and there are almost 10K searches for pink ombré nails on the internet each month in the UK alone. Meaning “shaded” in French, ombré nails combine two or more colours that are seamlessly blended together. However, it’s pink ombré nails that are taking centre stage. The resurgence is perhaps down to the fact that they’re so wearable on all skin tones and nail shapes. They’re subtle enough for all occasions, yet they add an element on interest—it’s another step up from the milky “clean girl” nails we have been seeing lately. And it goes without saying that they make an excellent wedding-day nail look.

Ahead, I’ve saved the best pink ombré nails I’ve found while scrolling. You’ll want to book in for a manicure stat. 

The 13 Best Pink Ombré Nails 

1. Almond-Shaped Pink Ombré Nails

Pink Ombre Nails: @paintedbyjools

Long, almond-shaped nails are a classic shape to showcase a pink ombré manicure.

2. “Glazed Donut” Ombré Nails

Pink ombre nails with shimmer @buffcs

Combine two trends in one with the “glazed donut” ombré manicure.

3. Rose-Quartz Ombré Nails

Pink ombre nails with rose quartz effect @harrietwestmoreland

Pink and white swirled together are a chic take on the pink ombré trend.

4. Ombré French-Tip Nails

Square pink ombre long nails @imarninails

Take a twist on the traditional French manicure by opting for an ombré fade between the two colours.

5. Bright-Pink Ombré Nails

Bright pink ombre nails @harrietwestmoreland

Who says pink ombré nails have to be subtle? We love this fuchsia-and-peachy-pink fade.

6. Pink-and-Purple Shimmer Ombré Nails

Purple and pink ombre nails with shimmer @buffcs

How pretty is this shimmer-topped pink-and-purple ombré?

7. Peach Ombré Nails

Peach and pink ombre nails @imarninails

If you love a bright nail look, try incorporating an accent colour. We love this pink-and-peach combination.

8. Classic Pink Ombré Nails

Almond shape pink ombre nails @buffcs

A sheer wash of blush pink blended at the tips of the nails looks so pretty.

9. Pink Glitter Ombré Nails

Glitter pink ombre nails: @imarninails

These have party season written all over them.

10. Milky Pink Ombré Nails

Oval pink ombre nails: @imarninails

For a more milky finish, choose two opaque shades to blend together.

11. Neutral Ombré Nails 

Coffin shaped nails with pink and brown ombre: @paragonnails

Choose a pink base and blend with a neutral hue that matches your skin tone.

12. Matte Velvet Pink Ombré Nails

Short matte pink ombre nails: @imarninails

Velvet nails look so chic, and we love this horizontal ombré for a twist on the trend.

13. Tonal Pink Ombré Nails

Multi tonal pink ombre nails: @harrietwestmoreland