Did you know that there are so many things you can do with olive oil besides cooking? Yes, you would be surprised to find out that olive oil has a ton of other important uses as well! Below is a list of 12 unknown uses of olive oil you definitely won’t believe!

Thanks for its health benefit, olive oil is gradually gaining popularity ever since the last decade. Other than health, it has become clear that olive oil can be helpful for the skin as well. It has been used for centuries for its renowned benefits to the body.

Some of the main ingredients contained in olive oil include squalene, which is a hydrating agent, and anti-aging antioxidants ideal for the health of the skin, hair, and nails. In addition, it is easier to prepare and apply it on your skin in the comfort of your home.

Hair Treatment

For centuries now, olive oil has been used as a pre-shampoo hair treatment. Its preparation is no rocket science as you are only supposed to warm it using hot water or microwave. Once should then apply it to your scalp and near the ends of your hair and let it stay for about 20 minutes before washing it off using shampoo.

Shaving Cream

If your shaving cream runs out or you don’t have access to one, don’t panic if you can get olive oil. Slather your legs with olive oil before you start shaving. It prevents razor burns while ensuring that the blade runs smoothly by acting as a lubricant.

Treating Eczema

One of the great features of olive is its strong ability to moisturize. This makes it ideal for your skin especially if it is the dry skin type. Since all its ingredients are natural, it is a safe way to deal with not only dryness and eczema, but also other skin conditions.

Lip Scourer

Use a teaspoon of olive oil and add it to course sugar to form a consistent paste. Use the mixture to scrub your lips especially if they are chapped. To boost its exfoliating abilities and add some flavor, you can add a few drops of lemon juice.

Conditioning Cuticles

If you love nails, but they keep breaking, regular use can be another great approach to ensure that they grow longer and strong.

Remove Makeup

You might be tempted to think that applying olive oil on your entire can clog your pore, but that is not the case. Since this oil quickly bonds with other oil-based products, it can be conveniently used as a pre-cleanser for removing makeup from your face. After applying olive oil, let it settle for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water and face wash.

Cleansing Makeup Tools

Makeup experts recommend that you should ensure that you cleanse your makeup brushes on a monthly basis. The strong antibacterial properties in olive oil make it ideal for cleaning such brushes. Alternatively, you can combine it with antibacterial soap.

Treat Rashes

Young babies can develop rashes from the use of diapers. However, you can use olive oil as it is safe for children and adults alike. Even though kids have sensitive skin, olive oil can be applied particularly on the bottom side. Additionally, it is a strong moisturizer to keep the skin well hydrated.

Repair Cracked Heels

There are several reasons that contribute to formation of cracks on the heels. The good news is that olive oil can speed up the recovery period. This is because it provides moisture that speeds up the healing process. To prevent olive oil from getting washed off at night, lock it inside by wearing socks.

Antibacterial Treatment

For those who like using all-natural approaches in medicine, olive oil combined with lavender, tea tree oil and calendula makes a very effective antibacterial solution. In addition, the mixture can be helpful in fighting germs and prevent scarring.

Improves Shine

There is no need of going for another hair product to improve its shine if you have olive oil in your kitchen cabinet. For an extra finish on your strands without having to dig deeper in your wallet, simply rub a small amount of olive oil.


You are now aware of the unusual uses of olive oil in taking care of your skin. It sounds like good news to people who suffer several skin problems like rashes and dryness among others. As a moisturizer, it can be along with other skin care products.

All its ingredients are natural and safe for use even by people whose skins are quite sensitive. Additionally, no expert skills are required in making olive oil preparations. You can easily do it at your home.