There are some beauty hang-ups that I fully understand are exaggerated in my own head. For example, the way that my browns look more like adoptive sisters instead of twins, the strong crown I have at the back of my head that showcases a bald scalp and my down-turning eyes that prevent me from executing a stellar winged-liner look. The good news is there are some things you can do to help better the situation. Keep scrolling for the only six things I’ve found to actually answer the £1,000,000 question of how to get rid of under-eye bags. 

1. Focus on Sleep

Beyond DNA, it’s important to remember that one of the biggest causes of under-eye bags is simply a lack of quality sleep. When we don’t get enough sleep, our blood vessels dilate. This dilation is often visible through redness of the eyes themselves and also the onset of dark circles due to the thin and delicate nature of the skin around the eyes. Similarly, fewer hours of sleep can also turn eyes dry, causing puffiness. Whenever my eyes are looking particularly exhausted, I remind myself that it’s likely because I, too, am exhausted. Sleep is without doubt the very best medicine when it comes to treating under-eye bags. If you’re not currently getting your full 7–9 hours a night, now’s the time to get your schedule back on track.

Few products fill me with more joy than this super-rich body cream. With lavender and vetiver, it smells like a dreamland. Just slather your limbs with the balmy formula before bed and be astounded at just how quickly you drift off.

2. Protect Eyes From the Sun

It might seem obvious when I say it, but it’s something that many overlook when it comes to the onset of under-eye bags later in life: ageing causes the skin to sag, which naturally contributes to the formation of eye bags. “The skin around your eyes is super thin, and sadly it only gets thinner as you age,” explains Lauren Hamilton, cosmetic doctor and co-founder of Victor & Garth. “Skin loses elasticity and has less support, so the delicate area shows signs of ageing faster.”

The truth is, providing your SPF formula is free from strong fragrances and is entirely mineral based, you can probably use it around your eyes without too much grief. This gentle formula for Summer Fridays is my go-to, and I use it all over my face and neck (eye area included).

3. Cleanse With Care

When it comes to avoiding under-eye bags, it is imperative that you’re cleansing the eye area to rid it of the day’s dirt and makeup. Sleeping with makeup on or without removing your morning skincare is a surefire way of causing eye bag–inducing irritation. Having said that, it’s also important to ensure your cleansing routine isn’t causing your eyes upset, either. “Fragrance, alcohol, preservatives and even essential oils can cause issues when used on already-irritated eyes,” warns optometrist and founder of Peep Club, Nicola Alexander-Cross.

With a concoction of skin-loving oils, this gel-to-oil cleanser does a stand-up job at removing the day’s dirt (eye makeup included) without drying the skin or causing any irritation.

4. Find The Right Eye Cream

Look, even the best eye cream in the world isn’t going to totally eradicate under-eye bags and dark circles. What eye creams can do, though, is help prevent a situation from worsening, and provide a little bit of relief. The key to choosing the right eye cream for you is identifying your primary concern. “For dark circles, brightening ingredients and tyrosinase inhibitors such as vitamin C and azelaic acid are useful,” says Hamilton.

With caffeine, shea butter, and ginseng root, this super-nourishing eye cream is a brightening, depuffing delight. Ideal for those with drier skin, it’s rich in moisture and delivers instant radiance-boosting results.

5. A Cold Massage Works Wonders

This, I have found, is the most effective treatment for getting rid of eye bags straight away. While prevention is, of course, key, when you wake up with particularly prominent bags and puffiness, a cooling massage is the quickest and easiest way to reinvigorate eyes. “A gentle eye massage a few times a week will increase lymphatic circulation. This helps to reduce dark circles and minimise puffiness,” says Hamilton.

Personally, I love to incorporate some cryo into this by using cold massaging tools. Rather than dragging the tools across my eyes, I like to apply my treatment and hold my cold cryo tools over my under-eye bags. The intensely cold sensation of the tools helps to divert blood flow from the area, taking down puffiness and reducing the appearance of dark circles in a matter of minutes.